Geros tou Moria Tavern
Acropolis - Plaka
since 1926

The traditional tavern Geros tou Moria is located under the Acropolis in the beautiful Plaka, one of the most picturesque places of Athens. You will enjoy traditional Greek cuisine, fresh fish, delicious snacks as well as the best and most tasteful wines.
Tradition & History
Situated in Plaka and having a tradition of over 90 years, the restaurant Geros tou Moria offers an ambience full of history among with delicious traditional Greek plates.

Traditional Greek cuisine
Greek live music

Traditional Greek cuisine
Tasteful wines
Greek live music
Warm atmosphere & delicious food
All these compose an immaculate menu that you will be able to relish outstaring the breathtaking scenery that uotspreads all around, listening to Greek live music.
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Geros tou Moria2
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Vicky Hajithemelis
Athens Greece
O Geros tou Moria.......what can one first compliment and praise, the atmosphere, the warm and truly friendly welcome, the food, the service....all A+++++ and how can I not mention. The stars of the tavern, the live music, the singer, Katerina, the group that dances with heart and soul, greek dances, from the islands, our famous syrtaki and the gusto and cheer they bring with them when they perform......I am a transfer rep, I bring every week groups from 20- 40 people everyweek..and they leave so happy and excited everytime!! So, if you found O Geros tou Moria, please, it was YOUR lucky day, that you got there. Enjoy!!... ++
Athens Greece
special food in a special place and mood...... ++
Greenville United States
Your restaurant was amazing and so beautiful and the food was great. I met one of your relatives. He has dark blonde hair and is about 30 years old. He took me and my friend Margie to this beautiful bar that overlooked all of Athens. We would like to get in touch with him. Unfortunately we forgot his name. We offered him a seat at our table while eating at the restaurant. It was July 10th.... ++