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Ανδρεας Αντωνιου     Λαρνακα Κυπρος
Περασαμε υπεροχα, πολυ καλο φαγητο μουσικη και περιποιηση.

Jim Zock     Montgomery Usa
Every time I go to Athens I always come back to Geros Tou Moria. Since 1981 I have been there so many times I feel like a part of the family. This is the place to go where you can feel like Athens is your home. Highly recommended. I hope to go there again soon.

Nathalie, Elena & Elisa     Geneve Switzerland
Toujours un grand plaisir de venir vous voir, les spécialités sont délicieuses et laccueil chaleureux. Encore un grand merci à Kazakos pour son accueil inoubliable. Au plaisir de revenir vous voir. Nathalie, Elena & Elisa

Tamam     Riaydh Saudi Arabia
I love the place so much and watched beautiful Greek dancing. I even joined them :)

Rob & Mirjam Leijdekkers     Utrecht Holland
Always when we are in Athens we have a lunch at your place, we enjoy the location a lot, we are doing this for about 8 years now, hope to be there soon again

Vicky Hajithemelis     Athens Greece
O Geros tou Moria.......what can one first compliment and praise, the atmosphere, the warm and truly friendly welcome, the food, the service....all A+++++ and how can I not mention. The stars of the tavern, the live music, the singer, Katerina, the group that dances with heart and soul, greek dances, from the islands, our famous syrtaki and the gusto and cheer they bring with them when they perform......I am a transfer rep, I bring every week groups from 20- 40 people everyweek..and they leave so happy and excited everytime!! So, if you found O Geros tou Moria, please, it was YOUR lucky day, that you got there. Enjoy!!

Maria Bowdidge     Brisbane Australia
Thank you for the food, the entertainment and the welcome which I always receive.

Stefano     Parma Italy
We stayed here on April the 1st, 2013. The evening has been wonderful, excellent food, good musicians, good singer, and warm greek atmosphere.Hope I can return soon there!

Areti Lafleur     Jacksonville, Fl. Usa
Ston Panteli. Chronia Polla gia tin giorti tou. Ma gapi apo kapoious palious pelates.

Mary     Athens Greece
special food in a special place and mood...

Maria     Brisbane Australia
Thank you so much for your hospitality, food and service last April-May. I wish you well, hope you remail prosperous. I will see you in 2012. From Maria

Jennifer     Manchester U.K
So many years,so many wonderful memories.Now that I am "exiled" to England I live on memories such as those magical nights at the beautiful corner of Plaka called GEROS TOU MORIA and in the hope that before long I will see you all again.

Olivia     Greenville United States
Your restaurant was amazing and so beautiful and the food was great. I met one of your relatives. He has dark blonde hair and is about 30 years old. He took me and my friend Margie to this beautiful bar that overlooked all of Athens. We would like to get in touch with him. Unfortunately we forgot his name. We offered him a seat at our table while eating at the restaurant. It was July 10th.

Nikos Karagiannakis     Athens Greece
GEROS TOY MORIA its a traditional Greek Taverna in Plaka with the best Greek food... and live Greek music !

Cathy Hester     Irwin Pennsylvania Usa
Love your restaurant, food, entertainment and atmosphere. Will return next year as usual for another good time.